My New Doctor Who Library Program Is A Hit!

When I created the Where, What and When of Doctor Who program, I never anticipated the incredible turn-outs it’s had:

• 40-plus people at Port Washington Library on a Monday night.

• 56 people at Bellmore Public Library on a Saturday afternoon.

86 people at Sachem Public Library…on a Wednesday night…in 19-degree weather!

These are just a few of the libraries I’ve presented the program at, but you get the idea—it’s been incredible.

Just as amazing have been the crowds themselves, because every age group shows up. I always try to make my programs appeal to everyone, but Doctor Who really does attract all ages—from teens to Millennials to Generation X to Baby Boomers. You can see the age-range for yourself in the photo above, taken at the Sachem Public Library.

[Click here for an in-depth .pdf about the Doctor Who program]

Once they’re at the program, people have a great time; they’re engaged and excited throughout the show. Here’s what some attendees said afterwards:

• “Loved your presentation last night at the Port Washington Public Library; in fact, I raved about it both on Facebook and to my husband and kids…Thanks for coming to Port; what a great evening it was!” — Cheryl P.

• “I just wanted to say thanks for the great show tonight [at Sachem Public Library]…it was a lot of fun and I learned a few things I didn’t know.” — Aaron C.

• “Wanted to say thanks for your excellent presentation of Doctor Who at the Huntington Library. You are a terrific speaker and your graphics are tops. Thanks for an enjoyable evening on the subject. Can’t imagine how you got into this niche field, but you certainly have mastered it, and your audience got to enjoy your accomplishments.” — Al and Alison L.

If you’re looking for a program that with across-the-board appeal, this is it!