Program: POW: The History Of Superhero Movies!

Superhero films are a staple of modern-day cinema; in fact, the recent Avengers movie is now the third highest-grossing film of all-time! With these films so firmly ingrained in our culture, POW: The History of Superhero Movies takes an exciting, smart look at their humble beginnings and recent evolution.

POW uses PowerPoint and video to explore 85 years of super-powered cinema in 90 minutes. The program traces the evolution of these exciting films, from the Saturday-morning serials of yesteryear to the box-office blockbusters of today! In each case, audiences see how Hollywood’s vision of superheroes has changed to reflect the times—and the technologies available.

Besides showing fun, “family-friendly” clips staring Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and other classic characters, the program reveals behind-the-scenes info that will surprise audiences of every age (What superhero TV show was based on the French classic, Les Miserables? How is author J.D. Salinger tied to Captain America?) Designed to be enjoyed by both hardcore and casual fans alike, POW offers something for everyone!

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