Music Video: The End of Borders

I can’t explain how I feel about Borders closing. “It’s disappointing” isn’t strong enough, but using a string of expletives strikes me as a tad crass.

But it’s more complicated than that. No matter how Borders tried, it always felt somehow inauthentic to me. Truthfully, I never really liked the chain. Even though it stocked my books in-store far longer than Barnes & Noble did. Even though it introduced the concept of cafes in bookshops. Even though some of the earliest dates with my wife, Michelle, were spent at the local Borders. Wait, maybe I did like Borders. Yeah, it’s complicated.

I’ve had trouble explaining how I feel—so I made a video instead.

If there’s anything to take away from this then, it’s to support retailers you like that have communities built around their businesses—bookstores, CD shops, coffee houses, theaters, libraries, restaurants and so on. Don’t take them for granted; go to them. Use them. Enjoy them. You might think they’re too firmly established to vanish into thin air, but if you don’t visit them, they’ll evaporate into nothingness—just like Borders did.