Jammin’ with Jedi Junkies

About a million years ago—OK, like maybe four or five—I was interviewed by a guy named Marc Edlitz, who was making an unnamed documentary about Star Wars fans. We met up in a borrowed production office just off Union Square Park in New York City, and it was a fascinating place, full of overstuffed shelves and desks with papers, books and film gear lying around everywhere—a gorgeous, disheveled mess.

We did the interview with me simply sitting in front of a makeshift ‘green screen’ made out of construction paper. Yeah, it wasn’t exactly a big budget production, but I’m all for scrappy independent efforts—after all, I wrote a whole book about ‘em.

Marc Edlitz

Marc peppered me with questions about my own interest in Star Wars and fan films in general, trying to figure out what would drive people to put so much effort into home movies based on someone else’s creative ideas. I don’t remember much of what we talked about now, but I know it was contentious at points—like the part where I suggested his documentary was in fact a fan film. That went over real big.

Overall though, we had a good time and Marc seemed like a pretty smart guy who had big dreams for his fledgling project. He wasn’t the only one thinking big; I mentioned at the end of the interview that I was thinking of writing a book on the history of fan films.

Time went on, I never heard from Marc again and eventually I forgot that I’d ever done the interview. A few years later, that fan film book I was dreaming about, Homemade Hollywood, came out, and now Marc’s movie is coming out, too. These days, the flick has a name—Jedi Junkies—and it’s premiering online May 20 at Dailymotion.com. As for me, that hour of questions boiled down to approximately 15 seconds of screen time where I define the term “fan film”—and that’s cool because I figured I was a shoo-in for the cutting room floor.

For now, it’s a free download, so check it out. If you’re a Star Wars fan, or just like gazing at Olivia Munn—a fellow talking head in the film—you’ll dig Jedi Junkies. Plus you’ll get to hear the mellow strains of my pals, Aerosith, the world’s only Star Wars death metal band. Entertainment doesn’t get any better than that, folks.