How Homemade Hollywood Spent Its Summer Vacation

Homemade Hollywood has been reviewed all over the place, from Swedish newspapers to the UK’s premiere movie mag, Total Film, to a nice write-up by Cory Doctorow (!) on Boing Boing, who summed up his review saying “this book’s a real treasure, an inspiration;” I was blown away.

In July, I did a proper book reading (the photo above) where I didn’t show any flicks, and wound up selling the most books I ever have at an event—maybe it didn’t need the crutch of showing the movies after all. I was really humbled to discover that I could sell books based merely on the quality of my writing.

Speaking of which, want a free chapter from Homemade Hollywood? Click HERE to download the surprising story behind Hardware Wars. If you’ve never seen the circa-1977 Star Wars spoof, not to worry; you can watch it on the same page.

Speaking-wise, my new program, Yikes: The History of Movie Stunts debuted in early August and went over well; I’ll be presenting it a few times in November, so if you get a chance, come check it out.