January, 2009

Homemade Hollywood hit Barnes & Noble stores in late December and has been selling well since. Lots of news!

Signed Copies:

If you live in the New York City area, there are signed copies of the book in the city at the Borders stores at Penn Station and Columbus Circle, and the Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Center; out on Long Island, you can also find signed copies at the B&Ns in Carle Place and Huntington, and the Borders in Westbury. And all that said, it’s still on sale (unsigned) at Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s website.


As part of the general media push, I did a big interview with Spout.com, a long chat on the Fan Film Podcast, and will be a guest on the WRHU morning show on Long Island on January 27. Other places writing about the book include Home & Amateur and an upcoming issue of the Star Trek Phase II zine.

Fan Film Programs:

The big news is an upcoming visit to the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles on April 22, where I’ll host an evening of fan films, complete with special guests! Gracing us with their presence will be Sandy Collora (Batman: Dead End; World’s Finest; Hunter Prey) and Trey Stokes (Pink Five trilogy; Ark). I’ll be doing some author talk stuff as well, and signing books afterwards. While I’ve done book appearances in Boston and L.A., it seemed I couldn’t get arrested in my own backyard of NYC, but that appears to be changing; plans are afoot for a New York City book launch (more to come).

All in all, it’s been a very encouraging launch to the book, with good reviews on Amazon and in forums. Next up, a big surprise on my fan film blog, Fan Cinema Today, around Monday, January 26–the two-year anniversary of the site.