December, 2008

After a few million delays, Homemade Hollywood is finally out and for sale on the web at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It won’t roll into your local bookstore until the last week of December, however, just in time to completely miss the Christmas rush. You can still pre-order it though—try the big chains, try your local mom ‘n’ pop bookseller (and they NEED your help this year), try your local library. No matter what, if you dig fan films, do yourself a favor and make sure you read it.

Here’s a photo taken in Boston in my hotel room at the Hyatt. I’d driven for hours to get there in order to do fan film talks at the New England Fan Experience (which was great, by the way), and my first copies of the book were waiting at the front desk. As posted on and emailed to family and friends, this was my Moment Of Zen: